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Protection of the Snow Leopard in Kyrgyzstan

Snow leopards belong to the most endangered big cats on Earth. That is why NABU, in co-operation with NABU Kyrgyzstan, work on a new rehabilitation centre and an environmental education centre in Terek, Kyrgyzstan.
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New snow leopard rehabilitation centre in Terek


Snow leopards are among the most endangered big cats on Earth. In Kyrgyzstan, where some 1,400 animals roamed the mountain ranges in the 1980s, only about 300 snow leopards are estimated to live in the country today. Although long forbidden by law, they are still ruthlessly hunted, and their habitat continues to be encroached upon by humans.


For the protection of snow leopards, NABU, in close cooperation with NABU Kyrgyzstan, will build a new rehabilitation centre in Terek (the Kemin district of the Chui region) during 2021. The new centre will solve the long-distance (from Bishkek) of the current centre. The old, outdated, and risky cages will be replaced. Moreover, an environmental education centre will be set up to accompany the new rehabilitation centre infrastructure.


During the first month of the project, the new territory has been cleaned; the road to the future centre was repaired. In the next months, the roof and the house will be renovated.

The opening of the new rehabilitation centre is scheduled for October 2021.