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Building a new rehabilitation centre in Kyrgyzstan

June 21 2021

Within the protection efforts around the endangered snow leopards in central Asia, the VGP Foundation supports a project led by NABU currently building a new animal rehabilitation centre in Terek, Kyrgyzstan.

NABU has been active in the area for more than 20 years and together with the Kyrgyzs government and an anti-poaching group called Gruppa Bars, they implement conservation measures and educate local people about the importance of the snow leopards and the environment in general. This programme has already been launched in all 12 snow leopard countries.


In many cases, hurt or confiscated animals need special care and space for recovery before being released back to nature. The local NABU team has so far managed to clear the area where the new centre will be situated, lay foundations, find a partner to manufacture new safe transport cages and aviary, and receive permission for outdoor enclosure pastures. The centre will also include an eco-educational part for future visitors.