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How does it work?

  1. Submission

    You may submit your project in whatever European language via our application form. The submitted project must comply with our internal conditions. If you have any questions related to the project submission, you may contact us.

  2. Evaluation

    Your submission will be thoroughly evaluated by the administration structure. We will assess the compliance of the project with our philosophy and internal rules. If the project meets all the requirements, it will be presented to the board of directors.

  3. Presentation

    A suitable project is presented to the board of directors during its regular board meetings, in person or online. The presentation is done by the applicant providing as many information as possible, including a detailed timeline and clearly scheduled budget for the project.

  4. Decision making

    The board of directors subsequently studies the project in depth and decides to approve or decline the project. The applicant is informed about the decision via email and if approved, they receive a contract proposal.

  5. Execution

    Once the contract is signed, the partner is provided with the assigned amount which is used for beforehand approved activities rightfully supported and documented by concrete invoice information while respecting the negotiated timeline. The partner has to be able to present to the foundation proofs of use of the donation with a regular progress report including photo documentation

A submitted project has to:

  • Be situated in Europe

  • Fall into one of the following 3 fields of activity

    • Projects in relation to nature conservation
    • Social projects around children in need of support
    • Projects around the conservation of European cultural heritage.
  • Use the donation directly on a given cause (not to fund the structure of the applying organisation)

  • Be able to arrange rightful proofs of use of the donation

  • Provide the foundation with regular progress reports

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