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Protection of bats in Transcarpathia region

Protecting bats in church towers and public building attics as an affirmation of biodiversity values among religious and local communities
NABU International IERS IRCEF
Natural Project
Transcarpathia region
In progress


Bats play an important role in many habitats around the world. Some plants depend partly or wholly on certain bat species to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds. They also play a crucial ecological role in hunting and controlling populations of invertebrates, mainly butterflies, flies, beetles, spiders, and some flightless insects.


Previous projects in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine showed that due to the low eco-competence of communities, entire colonies can be often destroyed. With the support of the VGP Foundation, NABU will expand efforts to protect bats while using methods of educating religious audiences (having a significant impact in the regions) and other representatives of local communities. Also, through the implementation of activities, the goal is to equip and provide opportunities for the settlement of bat colonies, as well as improve living conditions for already known colonies and other species included in the ecosystem on church towers and attics of public buildings. 8 bat species are currently living in Transcarpathia region and they are covered by this project. All of them are listed in the The Red Data Book of Ukraine:


Nathusius' pipistrelle (pipistrellus nathusii)

Soprano pipistrelle (pipistrellus pygmaeus)

Common pipistrelle (pipistrellus pipistrellus)

Brown long-eared bat (plecotus autirus)

Western barbastelle (barbastella barbastellus)

Greater mouse-eared bat (myotis myotis)

Common noctule (nyctalus noctule)

Natterer's bat (myotis nattereri)


In cooperation with professional ecologists, NABU will develop a geography of the project expansion and create methodological materials for effective environmental education of the population in dealing with bats. In the end, at least 40 colonies of different species of bats and related animals will be protected with the help of at least 10 practical protection measures.

Common noctule (Nyctalus noctule) © NABU