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New Networks for the Eastern Imperial Eagle

Improving the conservation measures for the Eastern Imperial Eagle by transferring knowledge between existing conservation projects and closing knowledge gaps.
Natural Project
In progress

The focus lies on the investigation of relevant factors for the recolonization of former habitats and the investigation of potential threat factors in the wintering areas of the Eastern Imperial Eagle.

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The Ulyanovsk region on the middle Volga is a distribution centre for the endangered Eastern Imperial Eagle. NABU has already achieved important research results and conservation success for the imperial eagle in the Ulyanovsk region over the past 10 years and is well connected with all relevant stakeholders in Russia. In Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, the respective national bird-life partners are active in the conservation of the imperial eagle. The exchange of experience between international experts can make an important contribution to the effective conservation of this iconic species.


With the support of the VGP Foundation, the new project will enable a transfer of knowledge and cooperation between international experts in different regions to improve the conservation of the species in its entire range.