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James by Junior Ballet Antwerp

Junior Ballet Antwerp invests in young talent & forms a bridge between the end of studies and the start of a professional ballet career.
Junior Ballet Antwerp
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Founded in 2019 by Belgian-born principal dancer Alain Honorez, choreographer/dancer Altea Nuñez and dance director Irma Swijnen, Junior Ballet Antwerp is a Junior Ballet Company which offers talented, highly-trained graduates from around the world the possibility to perfect their technical skills and artistry during an intensive two-year experiential program.


At the core lie the dreams of young individuals who, having reached a high technical level, wish to further their mastery of the art of ballet and envisage a professional career in a dance company. In an ever-changing and highly challenging cultural climate, getting acquainted with a diverse range of dance techniques & -styles and performing on stage is essential for young artists.

Photo © Nicha Rodboon

In 2024, Junior Ballet Antwerp celebrates its lustrum in the form of 2 brand-new productions: 5! - a celebration of 5 years JBA and JAMES - an ode to painter/artist James Ensor who will be commemorated on the 75th anniversary of his passing.

Honoring not one but two important art forms from out of the Belgian cultural heritage, JAMES is a dynamic ballet performance choreographed by the Italian dancemaker Mauro de Candia. It focusses on the stylistic life and work of James Ensor, turning the colours and grotesque figures of his two-dimensional paintings into a three-dimensional stage performance.

JAMES will be specially created for the talented young artists of Junior Ballet Antwerp, providing them with the opportunity to grow, excel and shine on stage.

JAMES premiers in the Antwerp Opera on February 24, 2024 and will afterwards tour in Belgium.

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Photos © JBA / Filip Van Roe