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Green educational bastion

The project combines all three focus areas of the Foundation: nature conservation, cultural heritage and education. Bastion IX is an impressive piece of heritage with a piece of unique nature to be integrated into the curriculum of Oscar Romerocollege in Dendermonde.
Cultural Project
In progress

The elementary school Oscar Romerocollege has a beautiful location in the center of Dendermonde (Belgium) -  while being in the middle of the city, it is still in proximity of nature.


On the school grounds, there are a few heritage sites, including Bastion IX and the Kruitmagazijn. As an educational institution, the school foresees to use these sites for students, staff members, and also for nature conservation purposes. They wish to open up the Bastion and make the green top accessible by installing an outdoor staircase. Then, they will integrate the beautiful space into the school's operation (outdoor learning) and open it publicly to visitors. In addition, this space on top of the bastion will also provide additional opportunities as a playground.


What impact is the initiative aiming for?



Children learn more quickly when they can learn visually. By bringing lessons outdoor, students are often more attentive and learning becomes more meaningful. The sense of learning and life grows.

According to many studies, learning outdoors also has many other advantages: better group cohesion, positive influence on the reults of students, on health, it stimulates imagination...


Pupils need space to grow. You can also take this literally. It is important that pupils are not crammed together during breaks, during lessons. That they can discover, play and learn andnot all on one square meter. More than ever, students need a place for themselves, a place where they can rest. This will be possible on top of the Bastion in a green, natural environment.


When a city has a rich history, it is good that this can be admired and integrated. The staircase and the bastion will be open to visitors.