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Stage fright

A project to make a positive future story possible for underprivileged children who have difficulty finding their way to regular leisure activities or who have problems at school.
id+Art vzw
Social Project
In progress


Id+Art, Habbekrats, Group Intro, and Spoor56 join forces to pay special attention to young people who have difficulty connecting to the regular leisure activities and who, due to certain circumstances, are rebelling against school structures. 


The emphasis is placed on lowering the threshold to art, culture & society, specially tailored to disadvantaged young people.



Through intensive guidance by professional artists/teachers in various disciplines, the first concern is to identify and deepen interests, discover and stimulate their own talents. Pushing back frontiers is a growth process in awareness and belief in themselves, which makes them stronger in life. Afterward, they will see what further possibilities and future plans lie within their reach. After the conclusion of the project, they will be further guided and supported by a godfather or godmother.

In short, the idea is to turn underprivileged children into ones with better opportunities


The project has run a crowdfunding campaign between September and October 2021. The crowdfunding was successful: €10.145 thanks to 79 participants. The VGP Foundation provided additional support for the project.