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Krats along the sustainable food chain

Krats along the short chain! is a cycling project by Habbekrats that aims to familiarise vulnerable young people from Wetteren with ecology and sustainability.
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Vzw Habbekrats is committed to the welfare of underprivileged young people between 8 and 18 years. After school hours, the young people are welcome in the Habbekrats homes to broaden their opportunities for participation and networking, to increase their resilience, and to connect with each other and with society.



With the project "Krats along the short chain" vzw Habbekrats wants to familiarize vulnerable youngsters from Wetteren with ecology and sustainability, by connecting them with organizations and companies that are strongly committed to the same ideology.



After all, the Scheldt Valley has many farms that practice organic and dynamic agriculture and livestock breeding. Krats is the prototype of a young person from disadvantaged groups and the mascot of Habbekrats. To keep it healthy and sporty, the children involved will explore the area and visit the organic farms by bike for 10 weeks on Wednesday afternoons.

Moreover, on the following Thursdays, they will taste the dishes prepared together with the local goodies. In order not to lose the knowledge and the techniques, the youngsters will also learn how to cultivate a vegetable garden themselves at Habbekrats-meeting point De Loft in the Overbeke district of Wetteren. With the help of volunteers from the neighborhood, they will learn to grow their own vegetables, which the neighborhood can and may enjoy.



The project has run a crowdfunding campaign between mid April and mid June 2021. The crowdfunding was successful: €6.080 thanks to 60 participants. The VGP Foundation provided additional support for the project.