Antwerp, Belgium. April 23, 2020:  The VGP Foundation, a registered Belgian private foundation, today announced the nomination of Professor Anne De Paepe as new member to its Board of Directors. As board member, her focus will lie on social projects, such as education and childcare, one of the key focus areas for the VGP Foundation.

The VGP Foundation was established in 2019 to fund European projects that support child and youth education, the preservation and creation of biospheres as well as the protection of European cultural heritage. Anne De Paepe will join as third member of the Board of Directors, following the appointments of Jan Van Geet, CEO of VGP, and Olaf Tschimpke, whose main focus is on nature conservation.

 Jan Van Geet, Chief Executive Officer of VGP and Director of the VGP Foundation, said: “We are honored to announce the nomination of Anne De Paepe to the VGP Foundation Board.  Anne will strengthen the VGP Foundation’s board through her inquisitive nature and analytical perspective, driven by her conviction of the importance of education in the development of young people’s talent.”

 “I am a strong believer in the unique characteristic of knowledge, that it always creates the thirst for new knowledge. Therefore, I welcome the efforts of the VGP Foundation to help ease access to education to the wider community, particularly as socially vulnerable youth continue to be deprived of opportunities. In order to seize opportunities, young people must first be given opportunities,” said Anne De Paepe. “I am very much looking forward to making my contribution to the VGP Foundation, with a special focus on education and childcare. In addition, I fully support the other focus areas of the foundation.”

 Prof. Dr. Anne De Paepe is currently Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Ghent University Association, Honorary Rector of Ghent University and Professor of Human & Medical Genetics of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at Ghent University. An expert in the field of Rare Hereditary Diseases and Medical Genetics, she developed the Ghent University Centre for Medical Genetics into an internationally renowned institution where more than 200 people are researching hereditary diseases today. In doing so, she not only pioneered scientific research but also translated her findings to her clinical work as an M.D. She is also a pioneer as the first female Rector at Ghent University, a leading Belgian research and teaching  institution. Since 2019 she has been actively involved with TAJO as a Board member, supporting disadvantaged children in the greater Ghent-area in Belgium.

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