About the

The VGP Foundation

is a registered foundation that was established in September 2019 on the belief that responsible entrepreneurship goes beyond the day-to-day activities of the group.

We want to underline our commitment to European communities. We believe we can help to solve some of the European continent’s challenges and make an impact where it really matters. We do this by providing financial support for selective activities.

Please send us an email if you would like a copy of our articles of association. 


Governance Structure

The VGP Foundation´s charter foresees a board of six members, including three directors who are independent from VGP. The VGP Foundation is currently reviewing candidates for all its vacant board seats. The Board has full responsibility for the strategy, policies, performance and operations (including the management of funds) of the VGP Foundation. It also makes the final decision on all projects run as part of the Foundation’s programs.

Board members

Olaf Tschimpke

Olaf Tschimpke

Mr. Tschimpke is currently Chairman of the NABU International Nature Conservation Foundation. Founded in 2009 by the NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), Germany’s largest nature and biodiversity conservation association, it aims to protect natural heritage worldwide. The foundations’ international project funding is focused on climate protection and the conservation of biological diversity. Until 2019, Tschimpke served as President of the NABU and was Deputy Chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development of the German Federal Government from 2012 to 2019.

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Jan Van Geet

Jan Van Geet

Jan Van Geet is the founder and CEO of VGP. He has overall daily as well as strategic management responsibilities of VGP. He started VGP in the Czech Republic in 1993 and was manager of Ontex in Turnov, a producer of hygienic disposables. Until 2005, he was also managing director of WDP Czech Republic. WDP is a Belgian real estate investment trust. In September 2019 he founded on behalf of VGP the VGP Foundation as an independent charity.



Prof. Dr. Anne De Paepe 

Prof. Dr. Anne De Paepe is currently Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Ghent University Association, Honorary Rector of Ghent University and Professor of Human & Medical Genetics of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at Ghent University. An expert in the field of Rare Hereditary Diseases and Medical Genetics, she developed the Ghent University Centre for Medical Genetics into an internationally renowned institution where more than 200 people are researching hereditary diseases today. In doing so, she not only pioneered scientific research but also translated her findings to her clinical work as an M.D. She is also a pioneer as the first female Rector at Ghent University, a leading Belgian research and teaching institution. Since 2019 she has been actively involved with TAJO as a Board member, supporting disadvantaged children in the greater Ghent-area in Belgium.


Tereza Van Malderen

Tereza Van Malderen  

Tereza Van Malderen graduated from the Academy of Art in Prague and spent afterwards more than 20 years engaging in the world of art on many different levels. She has been actively involved in several different charitable projects nationally as well as internationally, especially in the domain of cultural heritage.


Hugo Van Geet

Hugo Van Geet 

Hugo Van Geet has a lifetime career as a Certified Public Accountant (Bedrijfsrevisor, Wirtschaftsprüfer). The office he created expanded over eight countries with a focus on family-owned multinational companies. Today, he is still the consultant and mentor of many of the families concerned. Mr Van Geet has a special interest in farming and classical music. Since 2010, he also serves as the President of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.


Set up in 2019, the VGP Foundation received start-up capital from VGP, which will provide annual funding. Additionally, VGP offers in-kind funding through the provision of expert volunteers, community volunteers, products and services. It also provides office space, IT, admin- and travel support.

Allocation of resources

The VGP Foundation funds, supports and initiates local projects in principal in all countries where a VGP country organization is present and will be able to assist in localizing community development initiatives.

Performance monitoring

As a registered foundation in Belgium, the VGP Foundation operates in accordance with charity regulations. All partners of the VGP Foundation are required to define KPIs and report on the progress of joint projects at the end of each quarter. Additionally, the VGP Foundation follows its own reporting process to ensure the best allocation of funds and resources.

Independence from VGP

VGP Foundation is registered as a Belgian private foundation. Our independence is key to our ability to deliver our charitable objectives and is maintained in a number of ways, including:

  • A mixed board including senior VGP leaders and leading figures from sectors relevant to our charitable work with no previous link to VGP
  • In addition, a set of operations principles to which our staff, board and partners are held accountable, includes a commitment to protect our independence 
  • Regular reports that assess our projects and performance against pre-defined impact targets and milestones.